Primary Winter Olympics

Primary Winter Olympics
Posted on 03/04/2022

The Cold Never Bothered Them Anyway: Big Cheers For Primary Winter Olympics
By: Rachel

The Primary Olympics took place on Friday March 4 in the Primary Yard behind Queen Elizabeth school. The games started at 12:20 PM and ended before 1:45 PM or, as most students know it, second lunch. The weather was perfect. It was sunny and not too cold with a light breeze. The yard was divided into three different sections, each section had an activity: broomball, a toboggan race, and a hula hoop relay race.
Students play broomball outside.

Like the Winter Olympics, where countries compete against each other, Queen Elizabeth students were divided into groups, each representing one of six countries. The countries represented were Canada, Poland, New Zealand, Italy, Norway and Ukraine. The primary students (grades 1 to 3) had the flag of their assigned country pinned to their winter coats. 

Unlike the Winter Olympics, there was no opening ceremony or national anthem. Instead the students came outside in a staggered entry, where two “countries” came outside at the same time and helped the teachers set up the activity they were going to first participate in. 

Canada and Ukraine helped set up the hula hoop relay, which consisted of the “athletes'' holding a ball and hopping through 10 hula hoops. At the last hoop, they threw the ball at a target on the wall. If they missed they continued to throw the ball until they succeeded, then they hopped back and gave the ball to the next teammate in line.

Then out came Italy and Norway to set up the toboggan race. The toboggan race was played by one “athlete” from each team sitting in their teams respective toboggan, whilst their teammate maneuvered them around cones in a track-like formation. Whichever team was fastest won the race.
Students stand outside with flags pinned to their coats.

Lastly New Zealand and Poland emerged from the school to set up the broomball station. Broomball was played practically like ice hockey; there were goalies, nets and players, but instead of a puck there was a ball and instead of hockey sticks they had broomball sticks. There were no skates, helmets or ice.

The atmosphere outside was very lively with the students cheering on their fellow teammates whilst they played the game. Sadly this reporter was unable to stay long enough to see what all of the scores were, but I can report that Ukraine won against Canada in the hula hoop relay race because that was the only one I had time to watch the ending.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in Queen Elizabeth School’s 2022 Primary Winter Olympics!

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