Student Handbook 2018 - 2019

Student Handbook 2018 - 2019
Posted on 06/21/2018


At Queen Elizabeth, we are dedicated to the personal academic growth of every child. We model and encourage the joy and excitement of learning as well as respect for one another in a safe, welcoming environment.


8:57 a.m.  –  First bell to enter school

9:00 a.m.  –  Classes begin

11:00 – 11:45 – Nutrition Break and recess

13:45 – 14:30 – Nutrition Break and recess

15:30  – Dismissal


Labour Day  3 September 

First Day of class 4 September    

PA Day              5 October

Thanksgiving        8 October

PA Day          23 November

Christmas break  24 Dec – 4 Jan

PA Day        25 January      

PA Day            15 February

Family Day      18 February

March Break      11 Mar – 15 Mar

PA Day            12 April

Good Friday      19 April

Easter Monday    22 April

Victoria Day      20 May

EQAO Testing      21 May – 3 June

PA Day            7 June

Last Day of Classes 27 June

PA Day        28 June


Please Note: Included in this agenda you will find some important information and procedures followed at Queen Elizabeth Public School. Our Parent Handbook, distributed at the beginning of the year and posted on our website, also contains this information and more about our school.



Students are accountable for their actions.  When it is necessary to take some kind of disciplinary action with a student our goal is to be reasonable, consistent, and fair.  It is not our practice to consult with parents each and every time some unacceptable behaviour occurs, although consultation with parents is an element of our disciplinary strategy.  We hope that parents give their full support to the staff when disciplinary situations arise.

The staff at Queen Elizabeth School recognizes the right of every student to learn in an orderly, secure environment structured by knowledgeable, caring professionals.  This environment shall provide respectful limits to encourage each student to develop self-discipline and respect for others regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

The staff, students and parents of Queen Elizabeth have developed a Code of Conduct.  Please review it with your child.


Students shall:

  • respect and treat others fairly
  • respect school property and the property of others
  • respect the rights of others to work in an environment that supports learning and teaching
  • demonstrates honesty and integrity in all matters
  • resolve conflict peacefully or seek assistance from a staff member
  • come to school prepared, on time and ready to learn every day
  • follow the established rules and encourage/assist peers to follow the rules of behaviour
  • demonstrate behaviour that supports a safe and caring school environment
  • take responsibility for their own actions

Staff demonstrates respectful and responsible behaviour when they:

  • help students work to their full potential and develop their sense of self-worth
  • help students become positive leaders in their classrooms, school and community
  • communicate regularly and meaningfully with students and parents
  • maintain consistent standards of behaviour for all students
  • demonstrate respect for all members of the school community

Parents help maintain a safe and respectful learning environment for all students when they:

  • show an active interest in their child’s school work and progress
  • communicate respectfully and regularly with the school
  • assist their child to be appropriately dressed, organized and prepared for learning
  • ensure that their child attends school regularly
  • promptly report to the school their child’s absence or late arrival
  • encourage and assist their child in following the rules of the school
  • assist staff in dealing with disciplinary issues involving their child
  • demonstrate respect for all members of the school community
  • are engaged in the initiatives that foster a positive, safe school environment

Absence and Late Procedures

If your child is going to be absent or late, please call 613-749-4179 to leave a message on our answering machine. This will assist the office staff with our Safe Arrival Plan. In cases where no phone call has been received someone from school will contact the parents/guardians of absent students.  Students who arrive late must report to office to pick up a late slip before going to class. Students who are habitually late will be asked to serve a lunchtime or after-school detention.

Supervision of Students

The school assumes responsibility for the supervision of students on the school premises, school buses and on educational field trips and excursions. Adult supervision begins at 8:45 a.m.  For safety reasons we ask that students arrive at school after 8:45 in the morning. Students MUST leave the school property after school as there is no supervision.  If students are being picked up they are asked to wait at the main entrance.

Early Leaving

Students are not permitted to leave the school before regular dismissal time, for safety reasons.  If parents/guardians wish for their child to leave early, they must report to the main office to make the request in person.  When parents are picking up their child, the office will call the child from class.  When the child arrives at the office, the parents must then sign them out. We do not allow children to wait in front of the school.

Hall Pass

If it is necessary for a student to leave the classroom, the procedure is to ask the teacher for a hall pass. The student should keep the pass with them at all times. No student should be in the halls without a pass. Students who abuse this privilege will no longer be allowed to leave the classroom. 

Students should not be visiting the washroom during class changes. Locker, office and washroom privileges will be recorded on the class log sheet.

Personal Technology

As a general rule, students are not permitted to use a personal technology device (e.g., cell phone, camera) during school time. If instructed by parents or guardians, students are allowed to keep a cell phone in their bag (turned off in their locker) in case of emergencies before or after school hours. The office phone is available for any necessary calls. If electronic devices are seen by teachers in or around the school, they will be confiscated until a decision is made on how to proceed. This is being done to prevent cyber-bullying, theft, loss and damage.

Intermediate students (Grade 7 and 8) are permitted to bring personal electronic devices to school, for academic use only, under specific teacher guidelines. Technology is not always needed and it will remain up to individual classroom teachers to determine how technology is to be used in the classroom. This could vary from daily use to very limited use. Students will be required to sign a BYOD policy contract and will respect and follow rules regarding the Red, Yellow and Green traffic light system. Their own device will be “off and away” at all times unless the student has permission from a teacher for academic purposes. While on school property, the use of any electronic device is always subject to the terms of the OCDSB Appropriate Use Policy. (Reference: OCDSB Policy P.100.IT Appropriate Use of Technology and Procedure)

If these expectations are not followed or a personal electronic device becomes a distraction to the teaching and learning environment, then the device may be confiscated by school staff. The parents will be contacted and the student will not be permitted to bring the device to school. The school’s Code of Conduct will apply to all electronic use, as will the consequences. Personally owned devices used inappropriately to access/produce or share unlawful materials will result in full investigation and necessary action will be taken.
Please note that the school is not responsible for lost or stolen technological devices.

Dress Code

Students must be dressed cleanly, neatly and within the limits of good taste. Violations of the dress code will be addressed with individual students and/or their parents. Proper footwear must be worn at all times. Winter boots are not to be worn during class. Hats are not to be worn in school. Students are not permitted to carry knapsacks, purses or jackets to class.  These items must be kept in lockers.


We have a NO GUM policy that will be strictly enforced.  This includes ALL AREAS of the school.


All visitors to Queen Elizabeth Public School are requested to report directly to the office for assistance. Volunteers are asked to sign in and out at the office and to wear a Volunteer badge.


Students will be respectful to other students and property when at their lockers or in the hallways. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a quiet, orderly manner in the halls.  Inappropriate physical contact and/or foul language are not tolerated.

Internet Use by Students

Parents must sign the appropriate form at the beginning of the year in order to enable their child to access the Internet for educational purposes.  The use of any form of electronic communication such as e-mail, chats or newsgroups without an educational focus constitutes inappropriate behaviour as outlined in Board Policy and Procedures.

Terrific Kids

Each month teachers promote self-esteem, confidence and academics at a Terrific Kids school assembly. Specific areas are selected each month and then students from each classroom are recognized for their efforts in creating positive attitudes.


Medication at School

All medicine that is brought to school must be in the original container, with the student’s name clearly on the label. A completed Board form, entitled Authorization for Administration of Medication, which can be obtained from the office, must accompany your child’s medication. This form requires a parent and physician signature. We are not able to administer any medication without this form.  For safety reasons, medication must be kept in the office and administered under staff supervision.

Illness or Injury at School

Students who are injured or ill will report to the office. If needed, parents will be contacted. Please make sure that you inform the office of all changes of address, telephone, baby-sitter or emergency contacts. We rely on the student data in our computer system to reach you.


Bus Students

Appropriate bus behaviour is expected at all times. This includes staying seated and facing the front while the bus is moving and keeping the noise level low. Any student who does not comply with the bus safety rules will face consequences from the office, which may involve removal of bus privileges.  Any changes in routine (a different bus stop, a different bus, etc.) must be requested by a parent in writing and approved by the office.

Bus Cancellation/Early Dismissal

In the event of bus cancellations or early dismissal due to poor weather conditions, parents are asked to listen to the local radio stations for a report rather than calling the school. When buses are cancelled and the school is open, transportation is the parents’ responsibility. When buses are cancelled in the morning, they are cancelled for the day.


Homework/ Agendas

Each student must assume a variety of academic responsibilities.  These include daily homework, daily reading, review of the day's work, studying for tests, and completion of individual assignments and long-term projects.  Parents are encouraged to check agendas every night to ensure that assigned homework is completed.

Grade Eight Awards

At the school leaving ceremony in June, the following awards will be presented:


Awarded to the student who has made a valuable contribution through his/her positive attitude and cooperation.

The Arts 
Presented for outstanding achievement and leadership in the arts.

Personal Achievement 
This award is given to a student who has shown great academic, social, and behavioural progress over the past two years.

Athletic & Sportsmanship Award 
This award is given to one male and one female grade eight student who has demonstrated a sense of fair play, respect for others, leadership ability and superior athletic skills.

Principal’s Award for Student Leadership 
This award is presented to a student who has contributed positively to school community and demonstrated strong leadership skills. The student demonstrated respect for people of all races and cultures and was helpful to peers and staff members.

Donaldson Awards 
These are given to the top academic students from the English and the French Immersion program.

Perseverance Award 
Awarded to a student who demonstrates outstanding perseverance. The focus of this award is on optimism and perseverance.

Humanitarian Award 
Awarded to any student who takes up a cause/charity to help others (locally or abroad) in honour of a former parent of an EFI student who died overseas doing humanitarian work.

Prix d'Excellence en Français 
Awarded to a student who demonstrates the following: high academic standards (i.e., good grades in French); a willingness and desire to speak French; a love for learning French (i.e., positive/enthusiastic attitude).



The school staff cannot be held responsible for money, cell phones, pagers, CD players or other items of value. The students should not bring valuables to school. If, on occasion, money or valuables must be brought to school they should be left with the teacher or office staff for safekeeping.


Several times during the school year Intermediate students attend organized dances.  Students who do not wish to attend will go to a games room.  Students will proceed to homerooms for attendance at the end of the dance.


Students who ride their bicycle to school must use the bicycle racks and should use a lock to prevent theft. The school does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to bicycles. Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades must not be ridden on school property.

Changing Schools

When a student moves away, parents are requested to advise the office staff. In order for the next school to have as much information as possible about the educational development of students, please notify us at least one week in advance of your move so that we can facilitate the transition for your child.

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